Post Laser Treatment (LANAP) Instructions

  1. Do not be alarmed with any color changes or appearance of tissues following laser therapy. Tissues can be gray, tan, yellow, red blue purple and stringy. These changes reflect normal response to laser treatments. Do not disturb this area.
  2. Reduced activity for two to three days following the surgery.
  3. It is okay to spit, rinse, and wash your mouth GENTLY STARTING TOMORROW. Rinse as directed with the prescribed rinse morning and night. In between, it is of help to rinse gently every three hours with warm water salt water (1/2 teaspoon salt in an 8 ounce glass of really warm water) or hydrogen peroxide mixed half and half with warm water.
  4. Do not chew on the side of your mouth which has been treated until you are advised. Do not eat spicy or excessively hot foods.
  5. Try to keep your mouth as clean as possible in order to help the healing process. Brush, floss, and follow other home care measures in all areas of your mouth except for the area of surgery.
  6. Do not apply excessive tongue or cheek pressure to the surgical area.
  7. Do not be alarmed if one of the following occurs:
  8. In some circumstances, a surgical pack (periodontal dressing) is placed on the area to prevent food, trauma, and/or smoke from irritating the surgical tissues. If a piece of the pack falls out or if the entire pack loosens or falls out, do not be alarmed. This may happen and is not an emergency.
  9. Swelling may possibly occur. To keep this at a minimum, gently place an ice pack on the outside of the face: 10 minutes on and 10 minutes off for the next 24-36 hours (during waking hours).
  10. Some oozing of blood may occur and may appear greatly exaggerated when it dissolves into saliva. If persistent bleeding occurs; first, determine the site of oozing and place pressure on this area. If you can not locate the origin of the bleeding, rinse your mouth gently with ice water and apply a wet teabag to the general area. If excessive bleeding continues, please call the office.
  11. It is very important to maintain a good diet and fluid intake. Try to eat soft but nutritious food followed by the LANAP diet instructions until you can return to a normal diet as soon as you are advised. DO NOT suck or use a straw for the first week. Sucking presure will disturb the area.
  12. If medication has been prescribed, please take exactly as directed. If there is any problem with the medications, please call the doctor for further direction or modifications.
  13. Please call the office so that we may render further treatment, if any of the following occurs: PROLONGED / SEVERE BLEEDING, SIGNIFICANTLY ELEVATED / PERSISTENT TEMPERATURE or UNCONTROLLABLE DISCOMFORT /PAIN
  14. Do not be alarmed that beginning with just two weeks after therapy and extending as long as one year or more, the teeth may become sore, tender, or sensitive as the bone and ligaments around the teeth regenerate and become more firm. This is a sign of healing, but also indicates the presence of a bite imbalance that needs to be adjusted. Occlusal adjustments are an ongoing part of your care and maintenance.

Medications / Prescriptions:

  1. An anti-inflammatory will be recommended (ibuprofen or naproxen) and prescribed immediately after treatment. This is to primarily decrease any minor discomfort and to minimize TISSUE SWELLING AND LOCAL INFLAMMATION that is an expected part of the natural healing response after minor surgery. Ibuprofen is non-narcotic and does not affect your ability to drive.
  2. You may be prescribed some narcotic pain medications (Tylenol #3, Vicoden) that may cause drowsiness. Patients electing to take such medications are recommended not to drive or operate any type of machinery while under the influence of such medications. These type of pain relievers are to be taken on an as needed basis.
  3. If antibiotics are prescribed, the entire bottle or prescription should be taken for the stated number of days or weeks (please call the doctor if there is a problem taking the prescribed antibiotic).
  4. If Peridex anti-microbial rinse is prescribed, it should be used full strength, 2 TIMES PER DAY FOR UP TO 3-4 WEEKS
  5. Any mouth tissue irritation can be relieved with warm salt water. (1/2 teaspoon salt in an 8 ounce glass of really warm water.)
  6. If there is any uncontrollable pain please call the office as soon as possible.
  7. Someone is available 24 hours for problems involving pain, prolonged bleeding, or any noticeable swelling.

If there are any questions or concerns that may arise or there is an urgent matter, please call the office at 603-224-9474 or the doctors: Dr. Wang @ 603-219-1973 (mobile) or Dr. Vest @ 603-219-1103 (mobile).