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Laser Gum Surgery

With the introduction of the PerioLase® MVP-7™and the LANAP® protocol we are able to remove and kill only the bacteria within the pockets of your gums while leaving the healthy tissue behind to reattach to the root surface! Why is this important? You can now enjoy less pain, less discomfort, less recession, less sensitivity, and much better and more predictable long-term results.

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Patient Testimonial

"My mouth has never felt healthier, and even my breath is fresher!...The laser operation you performed made the most remarkable change...You have left me convinced of the importance of regular flossing of the gums between each tooth."
-Andrew Laurie Stangel, Ph.D.

More Predictable Results

LANAP®  allows Dr. Wang and Dr. Vest to create a more predictable outcome than with traditional gum surgery options. The cases below are just a few examples of the dramatic healing responses we have seen!

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LANAP® Laser Treatment in Concord, NH

LANAP Laser Treatment Concord, NH

If you are looking for a method of treating gum disease with less pain and less downtime than traditional dental surgery, the Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure (LANAP® ) may be the right treatment for you. LANAP®  is a laser gum surgery that does not require the use of scalpels or sutures. Dr. Austin Wang and Dr. Tracey Vest offer this treatment for patients suffering from moderate to severe gum disease.

The onset of gum disease may manifest with easy to ignore symptoms, such as bleeding or swollen gums, but over time, the effects of the infection progress to the loss of teeth and bone. Early intervention is crucial to maintain your oral health and with the LANAP®  dental procedure, treating gum disease means less pain and shorter recovery times than traditional dental surgery.

Advantages of the LANAP®  Dental Procedure 

When treating gum disease with LANAP® , our doctors eliminate the bacteria that cause infection without the need to cut into healthy gum tissue. What does this mean for our patients? Shorter recovery times and less risk of the gum recession associated with traditional surgery. Also, because the laser is so effective at removing the bacteria that create infection, the majority of gum tissue inflammation will be reduced after only one session.

Treating Gum Disease with Lasers 

Lasers have been utilized in dentistry for decades, from tooth whitening to bonding procedures, allowing dental professionals to improve upon the patient experience. The laser utilized for the LANAP® dental procedure, the Periolase® MVP-7™, allows Dr. Wang and Dr. Vest not only to treat your periodontal disease, but to effectively reverse the effects of the infection by encouraging the regeneration of the supportive bone lost during advanced periodontitis.

Treating gum disease with the LANAP®  dental procedure has many benefits when compared to traditional dental surgery. To learn how laser gum surgery can give you a healthier mouth, contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Wang or Dr. Vest.

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