Patient Testimonials

Dr. Austin Wang has been selected a Top Dentist in the specialty field of periodontics for the New Hampshire area since 2005.

New Hampshire Top Dentists

Three Cheers for Dr. Wang! He fixes teeth without a bang.
He is as gentle as can be, So there is no pain for you and me.
He certainly knows his stuff, and wouldn’t dream of being rough.
He greets his patients with a smile, and makes their office visits worthwhile.
He is honest and kind, and values his patients’ peace of mind.
As the days come and go, Dr. Wang is a pleasure to know.
Three cheers for Dr. Wang! He fixes teeth without a bang.
Shirley C. 9/17/2016

Having recently completed the process of my dental implant, much of the ease and credit is due to Dr. Wang. He was very skilled, adroit, and professional. He is very personal and always considered my comfort. I truly had no pain and very limited discomfort. All his office personnel were very accommodating and met my every need. Dr. Wangs professional competency coupled with the final step of my general dentist expertly matching the tooth color and proficiently putting in the implant, I am very pleased. My dental implant care was par excellence thanks to both Dr. Wang and my dentist.
Gwen B.

Dr Wang and Staff. You were all great throughout my treatment, from the initial consultation to the final step. I was pleasantly surprised to have minimal to no pain after my gum grafting surgery, extraction and bone graft procedure and the implant placement procedure. You all exceeded my expectations in every way. Thank you so much for making it a very positive experience! Especially for helping to give me my smile back!
S .S.

I sincerely thank you for helping me with my implant and for your willingness to fit me into your busy schedule. I appreciated the way you performed the treatment, for keeping me informed and making me feel very comfortable and relaxed.

Thank you for your professional expertise and for the follow-up data forwarded to my dentist. I am very pleased to have me new crown and also able to chew on my left side! Its great!

Your concern is really appreciated. Thanks for being an exceptional doctor.
Herb K.

Congratulations on being selected one of New Hampshires top dentists! Again!
New Hampshire Magazine

Wow, what an incredible event! The first ever IRONHEART MILE was a huge success and we could not have done it without you!

Ironheart Jeremy Events mission is to support cardiac charities worldwide by raising awareness and funds via our active lifestyles. Our goal is to inspire others and motivate individuals, organizations and communities to live a heart healthy life. We sincerely thank you for youre supporting us in our mission and achieving our goal
Jeremy Woodward

Dr Wang and staff thank you so kindly for all your help and support with my dental services. I am very grateful!
Rob R.

For everything youve done for being the special people that you all are. Thank you so much. Each and every day I am grateful for you all.
Carol H.

Dr Wang and Team: Thank You for helping with Dr. Ms patient. I know he is very grateful. This is a life-changing gift to him and I am very appreciative!
J.D. Donated Dental Services

Thanks for taking care of me. Your office was great and did a wonderful job!
Mike C.

Dr. Wang . You should be proud of your gift and kindness to those in need. Your efforts are much appreciated!
J.D. Dental Lifeline Network

Thank you for your Lunch & Learn lecture! We really appreciate your sharing the information with us!
Dr. and Staff

Dr Wang and everyone at Cornerstone, Thank you very much for the excellent dental work you did for me last week. I was very impressed by the professionalism, compassion and skill of everyone in the office. Despite this being a fairly new experience for me, I felt completely at ease in your office. It is good to know I am in good hands.
Jon M

Dear Dr. Austin Wang:

May I take this moment to share with you my pleasure — my excitement! — with my new new mouth. It’s never felt healthier, and
even my breath is fresher! Two years ago my dentist informed me that my gums had some “deep” problems — I had pockets between my teeth and gums, he explained, that could result in weakening and perhaps even eventual loss of teeth. He suggested I contact your periodontics practice for an evaluation, and I am glad it was to your practice that I was directed.

The laser operation you performed made the most remarkable change

it completely reversed the relationship between my gums and teeth. The deep pockets are gone and my gums are now a supportive and healthy part of my mouth as a whole!

Additionally, and also important, you have left me convinced of the importance of regular flossing of the gums between each tooth.
Indeed, for one who previously had flossed only rarely, it has now become almost an obsession: I now follow each sonicare-brushing, twice a day, with a poxabrush and dental floss!

`Please pass on to your colleagues at Cornerstone my THANKS, Dr. Wang, for the great care I’ve been given in your practice. With my very best regards, I remain


Andrew Laurie Stangel, Ph.D.
Faculty Suite, University Center
University of New Hampshire
Manchester, NH 03101

Dear Doctor..

We are profoundly grateful to you for your vitally important involvement in the Donated Dental Services (DDS) program. The gift of the treatment you are generously and graciously providing your DDS program patient is very valuable, as is safeguarding it (her condition) from recurrent (periodontal) disease. …….. It is only because of you and other cherished volunteers that the comfort, function and dignity of oral health are available to many. Thanks so very much!

With gratitude,

L Coffee DDS
Founder and CEO