Crown Lengthening

Crown lengthening (or crown exposure) is required when your tooth needs a new crown or restoration. The part of the tooth in need of repair is deep below the gumline and not restoratively accessible. It is also usually either too close to the bone or below the bone level.

The procedure involves adjusting or reshaping the gumline and bone around the tooth in question, to create a new gum-totooth relationship. This allows us to expose the compromised area and ensures a proper fit of the new restoration to the tooth. It should also provide enough tooth structure so the new restoration will not come loose in the future. This may also allow a patient better access to clean the edge of the restoration when brushing and flossing to prevent decay and gum disease.

Crown Lengthening Procedure

When the procedure is completed, sutures, and a protective bandage are placed to help secure the new gum-to-tooth relationship. A patient will need to be seen for appropriate follow-up evaluation to ensure proper healing outcome.

A minimum of eight weeks healing time is recommended before having the final restoration work completed.