Growth factors /proteins used for bone regeneration

Various biologically engineered / enhanced materials can be utlilized to rebuild the gum and bone that has been lost due to periodontal disease.

PRGF (Plasma Rich Growth Factor)

The goal of this treatment is to enhance bone growth in bone augmentation procedures with a concentrated amount of growth factors from a patients own blood. The PRGF and autologous fibrin that is derived have extraordinary biological activity. The typical amount of PRGF used can be obtained from 5 ccs of a patients drawn blood. It is prepared in the office the same day as the surgical procedure in approximately 20 minutes. There is no rejection because it is completely derived from the patient. The system and protocol is simple, user-friendly and affordable.

PRGF technology opens new perspectives in the area of human tissue regeneration and is a valuable tool to treat a wide range of tissue injuries.

Medicine is continually adopting novel therapies and less invasive procedures that reduce morbidity and enhance functional recovery while reducing costs. The practice of surgery has been affected by the emergence of PRGF which have opened new avenues for therapeutic approaches because of its accessibility and repair capacity.

PRGF is a cocktail of native proteins obtained from a convenient, autologous source such as blood that adjust the supply of signaling molecules to the specific needs of the injured tissue. Considerable research and clinical efforts are being made to develop PRGF procedures aiming to improve the therapeutic treatments for a wide range of clinical conditions.
PRGF technology has opened new therapeutic treatments in medicine such as Orthopaedics, Arthroscopic Surgery Sports Medicine, Dentistry, Maxillofacial Surgery, Periodontal Surgery, Aesthetic Medicine, Ulcer treatment, Ophthalmology and Peripheral Nerve Repair.

Combination of PRGF with dental implants facilitates the anchorage of dental prostheses. PRGF may also improve the integration of oral titanium implants in trabecular bone and has major implications in obtaining a suitable implant osseointegration and consequently high implant stability.

Enhanced predictable bone regeneration is also seen following routine tooth extractions.


Emdogain is a biology-based and scientifically proven solution to promote the predictable regeneration of hard and soft tissues lost due to periodontal disease like intra-bony defects, class II mandibular furcation and recession defects. It is convenient and effective to use in areas difficult to treat such as interproximal areas, defects distal to the second molar, defects located under bridgework and wide defects.

More than 40 clinical studies, involving 1500 intra-bony periodontal defects in 1200 patients, have demonstrated that Emdogain is effective in stimulating the formation of new periodontal attachment in soft and hard tissue with 60-70% defect fill measured as a gain of radiographic bone one year following treatment with Emdogain.

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