Piezo-technology: Nonsurgical treatment for diseased root surfaces & treatment for more precise and more conservative bone removal with bone related surgical procedures

Piezoelectric ultrasonic units are used widely for the purpose of removing calculus from diseased root surfaces. The power is generated from a series of ceramic discs or quartz plates that create a linear tip motion without producing heat. Piezoelectric units offer a wide selection of tips that are screwed into the handpiece and tightened with a wrench. Piezoelectric tip designs for these units include large tips for heavy calculus removal, curet tips for light calculus removal, thin tips for biofilm or calculus removal, and diamond coated tips for removal of fine or burnished calculus. Unlike most magnetostrictive thin tips, piezoelectric thin tips can be used with higher power on hard calculus in deep periodontal pockets. Research studies comparing magnetostrictive and piezoelectric ultrasonic scaling have shown that both methods are equally effective in calculus removal.Overall, the research is not conclusive on whether one type of ultrasonic is better than another. One study showed that the piezoelectric scaler was more efficient than the magnetostrictive scaler in removing calculus but left the instrumented tooth surface rougher. However, a previous study that compared the effect on root surfaces of three ultrasonic scalers to a periodontal curet showed that the curet produced the smoothest surface and the two piezoelectric scalers both produced smoother tooth surfaces than the magnetostrictive scaler.

Piezoelectric Bone Surgery called Piezosurgery is a new and revolutionary tool and surgical technique used for bone related surgical procedures. It utilizes controlled three-dimentional ultrasound vibrations of specifically designed peizo-instrument tips at an ultrasonic frequency. Piezosurgery offers more precision and safety when compared to traditional bone cutting instruments. As a result, the mineralized bone tissue can be cut conservatively and with more precision without damaging soft tissue. This can be done with excellent visibility and in a blood-free surgical site.

The Piezosurgery technique applications can be utilized in many areas of dentistry: Implantology, Periodontology, Endodontics and surgical Orthodontics.