Saving Dental Implants with the Laser Assisted Peri-Implantitis Procedure (LAPIP®):

  • Removes bacteria with the same accuracy and effectiveness as laser for natural teeth 
  • Stops bone loss around dental implants 
  • Reinforces stability of dental implants 
  • Restores longevity and function of dental implants
  • Lowers risk of developing other health complications linked to oral bacteria

The LAPIP procedure can help patients with peri-implantitis – those who have experienced bone loss due to infection around their implants. Just as in the case of periodontal disease, teeth become infected with bacteria and result in bone loss, pocket formation, swollen gums, bleeding and puss.  Our FDA approved laser procedure can specifically treat ailing or failing implants.  These advance infections cause bone loss and need the LAPIP treatment to have a chance to be  “salvaged.” Many of these compromised implants treated with LAPIP, have shown to respond very favorably. Results are not guaranteed; however, it is possible to extend the life and function of a compromised implant with the LAPIP treatment.

As with traditional periodontal disease, early diagnosis is critical to saving the dental implant and returning the mouth to a more healthy state.

Before LAPIP treatment of infected implants

After LAPIP treatment