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Gum Grafting Restores Damage Caused by Receding Gums

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Don't Let Gum Recession Leave Your Teeth Vulnerable

Your gum tissues perform a great service to the health of your teeth and beauty of your smile. When the attachment between your gums and teeth is compromised, the tissues recede away from the teeth and expose the underlying root. This common condition is known as gum recession. Left to progress, gum tissues continue to recede over time. Further oral problems and changes in appearance often lead to feelings of self-consciousness. Is gum recession affecting your oral health and self-confidence? Expert gum grafting treatment from Cornerstone Periodontics and Implants restores your mouth’s natural defense against problems like decay and damage.

Gum Grafts Concord, NH

“What we do is make those gums stronger and the treatment options might include a gum graft, which would be utilizing a persons own tissue.”

Doctor Austin Wang

Replenish Lost Gum Tissue and Enjoy a Healthy, Happy Smile

Gum grafts are periodontal procedures that replace tissue lost to gum recession. We harvest tissue from another area in your mouth or use donor tissue with AlloDerm® technology to restore your gum line to healthier levels. Using donor tissue eliminates the need for a second surgical site. We carefully cover exposed root surfaces and suture the samples in place. The new tissue integrates with your gums as they heal. Gum grafting is a routine procedure that delivers predictable results for your smile. Our team makes every effort to keep you comfortable throughout your procedure. We also offer sedation to help you overcome any fear or anxiety surrounding treatment.

Gum Grafts Concord, NH
Traditional Gum Grafting VS PST

Protect Your Oral Health and Smile With Specialized Gum Recession Care

We are a specialty practice, focused on providing exceptional care and comfort to meet your periodontal needs. In addition to gum grafting, Dr. Austin Wang also provides the Chao Pinhole® Surgical Technique for treating gum recession. Our entire team is committed to helping you experience optimal periodontal health and a lasting, winning smile.

Gum Grafts Concord, NH

George's Experience With Gum Recession

What are the benefits of gum grafting?

  • Provide root coverage
  • Minimize tooth sensitivity
  • Create a healthy, balanced gum line
  • Reduce risk of root decay and damage
  • Restore cosmetic appearance of smile
  • Improve overall oral health

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Reverse the damaging effects of recession with gum grafting. Contact our team today for your private consultation!