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Advanced Dental Technology Can Benefit Your Oral Health

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Advanced Dental Technology Concord, NH
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Enjoy Better Oral Health and More Comfortable Care

Finding a specialty practice that stays current with advanced technology affords numerous benefits for your health. Today’s technology brings advantages like safer diagnostics, precision treatment and the ultimate in patient comfort. At Cornerstone Periodontics and Implants, we invest in a number of advanced dental technologies. Only those that deliver proven, predictable results are incorporated into our advanced treatment services.

Advanced Dental Technology Concord, NH
“All the technology we offer really benefit the patient in that we can provide service and treatment in a more efficient manner.”
Doctor Austin Wang

Advanced Dental Technology Delivers Precision Diagnosis and Optimal Results

  • Digital x-rays

    Easy, sensor-based x-rays produce 90 percent less radiation than traditional film x-rays.
  • Intraoral cameras

    Small, handheld devices used to capture real-time pictures of hard-to-see areas in the mouth.
  • Carestream 3D CT and iOS scan

    Captures high-quality, low-radiation 3D images of internal structures. Used for precision surgical planning with procedures like dental implants and bone grafting.
  • VELscope® Vx

    A wireless, non-invasive oral cancer screening tool that uses fluorescence light to identify pre-cancerous and cancerous lesions.
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  • IV conscious sedation

    Fast-acting intravenous sedation solution used to reduce moderate to severe dental fear or anxiety.

    A technique that uses ultrasonic technology to perform bone surgery without harming surrounding soft tissues.
  • Plasma Rich Grown Factors

    Utilizes growth factors from the patient’s own blood to encourage tissue regeneration during bone grafting procedures. (Dr. Austin Wang has advanced training in this technology.)
  • Bone Morphogenetic Protein

    FDA-approved manufactured protein mimicking a natural human protein. Used to regrow bone in areas of loss, and eliminates the need for a second surgical site.
  • SonicWeld® Rx

    Relies on sonic technology to improve the success of bone grafting and rebuild lost bone.
  • PerioLase® MVP-7™ laser

    Highly specific dental laser used with the LANAP® protocol to treat gum disease.

Explore the Advantages of Modern Dental Technology

With modern dental technology, we provide safe, comfortable procedures performed at the highest level of accuracy. For instance, advanced 3D cone beam imaging enables exact placement of implants and bone grafting materials. Procedures like PIEZOSURGERY® and laser gum disease treatment both reduce healing time and provide a minimally invasive approach to care. No matter your needs, you can experience the exciting benefits advanced dental technology has to offer.

Advanced technology has changed how patients receive dental care. Call our team today to learn more!