Single Tooth Placement

While a single tooth can be replaced with a removable appliance, the looks, function, and convenience of a “permanent” replacement are far superior. In the past this could only be accomplished with a bridge, where the teeth on either side of the missing tooth are crowned, with the replacement tooth connected to the crowns.

Bridge vs Implant Treatment

This is an excellent restoraton, but many people would prefer not to have to “prepare”, or cut down, the adjacent teeth. Today, implants have become so predictable they are often recommended in place of a bridge to replace single missing teeth.

missing tooth

Implant placed where missing tooth was
x ray of dental implants

X-ray of implant and crown following treatment

restoration of teeth with crowns

Restoration with crown in place teeth
cosmetic final treatment

Cosmetics of final treatment can be like natural

The advantages of implants over bridges include:

  • It is not necessary to drill down the adjacent natural teeth to make crowns.
  • The teeth remain separate, making cleaning (flossing) easier.
  • If a bridge fails, the entire bridge must be removed. Implants are stand-alone.
  • Implants cannot decay, the main reason for bridge failure.