Laser Assisted Periodontal Surgery (LANAP- Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure)

Dentistry today has evolved with advances in technology in all areas of treatment. There are many types of lasers being used for various applications in dental therapy; however, we are excited to offer the Millenium Periolase – which is the latest technology and the only laser approved by the FDA for treatment of periodontal disease with the LANAP treatment protocol. The technique used is also patented and only provided by licensed individuals who have gone through the special training necessary to achieve the desired results with the LANAP procedure and the Periolase.

The Millenium PerioLase is the state-of-the-art technology we can offer to patients who may need surgery to save their teeth, but dont have to experience any of the traditional surgical post-operative effects.

PerioLase has the capability to perform gum surgery without the need for cutting or the placement of sutures. There is minimal bleeding, discomfort and downtime after treatment. We can treat gum disease without causing significant gum recession or post-operative sensitivity. This laser treatment establishes an ideal healing environment for both the gum and bone tissues.