Laser Gum Surgery: Light Touch, Strong Results Concord, NH

Laser Gum Surgery: Light Touch, Strong Results

Laser Gum Surgery

The novelty is wearing off in the minds of consumers, and what’s left standing is a reliable tool that’s becoming a must-have for any dentist’s office. Demand for dental lasers continue to expand – especially when it comes to treating gum disease. And these days, you won’t have to look far to find an established dentist that has been performing minimally invasive gum surgery with laser light for years now.

Get up close and personal with dental lasers and learn how they might be used to keep your teeth and gums healthy in a procedure at your next appointment at the dentist’s office.

Light Work

You can numb the pain, but your mouth will still feel sore after you’ve just had a traditional gingivectomy. But with laser gum surgery using the popular LANAP® protocol, you only endure minimal discomfort and the procedure entails a lot less bleeding.

LANAP laser gum treatment leverages a focused beam of laser light, tuned to a specific frequency, to eradicate diseased gum tissue while leaving the healthy areas intact.

It’s the same concept as a traditional gingivectomy, which uses blades to remove the unhealthy tissue and sutures to help the area heal. However, there are more than a few benefits to opting for laser gum surgery instead of going the traditional route:

  • Lasers are more precise, so your dentist is much less likely to damage healthy tissue while removing diseased gum tissue
  • There are less bleeding and no need to have sutures sewn in afterward
  • There are less pain and tenderness involved
  • It’s less invasive

Last year, when the University of Kentucky unveiled its inclusion of LANAP to its dental school, Robert H. Gregg II, LANAP protocol inventor, pointed out how quickly the world of dentistry has been implementing lasers, and why.

“The goal of the LANAP protocol has always been to put the patient’s needs first,” Gregg said. “Patients want to save their teeth but avoid painful surgeries.  With the FDA clearance for True Periodontal Regeneration, LANAP surgery gives patients hope for hopeless teeth.”

Light the Way

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