Top Benefits of Laser Gum Surgery Concord, NH

Top Benefits of Laser Gum Surgery

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Drastic means are needed to deliver dramatic results when gum disease devolves from its early stages, gingivitis, to its more advance stages: periodontitis. Gum surgery works as a stop gap when gum disease begins to eat away at the gums, causing them to recede.

When gum disease has festered for too long, conventional gum surgery is the best way to stop the damage from spreading and to preserve the healthy areas of the gums. But if you start attacking periodontitis early on, laser gum surgery may be an option for you. Take a look at laser gum surgery and find why people often opt for it over conventional means.

Less Bleeding

There might be minor bleeding, but there will be a lot less of it when you go the laser gum surgery route instead of the conventional approach.

Faster Healing

Because laser gum surgery is more efficient in the amount of decaying gum tissue it removes, there’s less bleeding and healing time is significantly shorter.

No Stiches

With little bleeding and much more efficient removal of decaying gum tissue, you won’t require stitches after having your gum disease treated with laser therapy.

One Appointment

One of the biggest benefits of not having to have stitches after surgery is that you won’t have to have them removed once your gums have healed. Going the traditional route, you’d need to follow up with your dentist a few weeks later in order to have your gums examined and stitched removed.

Less Discomfort

Because of their efficiency in tissue removal, laser gum surgery is a lot more comfortable than traditional gum surgery.


Though laser gum surgery comes with a ton of perks, the procedure may not be the best route for those with severe periodontitis. For the most severe cases, conventional gum surgery often is the best route. To keep the option of laser gum surgery on the table, it’s important to tackle gum disease sooner rather than later.

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