What Is Laser Dentistry and How Does It Work? Concord, NH

What Is Laser Dentistry and How Does It Work?

What Is Laser Dentistry and How Does It Work?

Advancements in laser dentistry have opened the door for new and improved dental treatments that are designed to treat periodontal disease. Introducing lasers into the dental industry has had such a major impact because of the fact that it allows the dentist to be more thorough and precise with their treatment and during the procedure. Also, because utilizing lasers in a dental procedure is minimally invasive this means there will be less time needed for a patient to heal after the surgery is performed.

Is Laser Dentistry Safe?
One of the top concerns that patients have when it comes to laser dentistry is whether or not the laser dentistry procedure is safe.  The answer to this question is that laser dentistry is just as safe as any other dental procedure. In addition, safety precautions are taken during the laser procedure as well. One of these precautions includes having the patient and the doctor wear protective eyewear because a laser is being used during the procedure. Also, in addition to being safe laser treatment is minimally invasive.

Understanding the LANAP® Laser Treatment
The Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure also known as LANAP is a popular type of laser treatment that is offered at our practice. This type of dental treatment is minimally invasive, and it is also used to help treat gum disease. This procedure includes a small laser being used to remove the diseased parts of gum tissue. Also, because the laser is so precise it allows the doctor to provide the patient precise care
and treatment. Review the specific benefits of utilizing the LANAP laser treatment that are listed below:

  • The mouth will heal in an efficient manner after this procedure is performed 
  • The use of a laser results in the procedure minimizing any pain substantially 
  • You may resume all of your normal daily activities following this procedure  
  • It often allows bone to regenerate in the area affected by the gum disease 

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