Understanding the LANAP® Treatment and Laser Gum Surgery

Laser gum surgery

A Gentler Way to Treat Gum Disease Using Laser Surgery

Periodontal disease may seem harmless at first but can quickly become serious and lead to tooth loss, infection and even more serious physical conditions such as heart disease or stroke. While traditional treatments for gum disease were successful, new laser surgery allows for faster treatment, minimal risks and less damage to the healthy tissue.

The Differences Between Laser and Traditional Surgery

Laser surgery, known as LANAP®, is done with no cutting, sutures or incisions. Instead, the laser is used to clean the gums and remove diseased tissue. Because the laser can pinpoint tiny spots where there is a disease, remaining healthy tissue is supported and preserved. Healing is faster with laser surgery.

With traditional treatment, it was necessary to cut the gum line down to decrease the depth of the pocket. Laser treatment allows for only the damaged tissue to be treated, with less recession in the gum line. This makes for a more natural appearance after treatment.

As with most surgeries, traditional surgery for gum treatment can be painful and uncomfortable. Because there are no sutures or cutting with laser surgery, pain is greatly decreased. After traditional surgery, patients usually require some rest and downtime and pain medication. With the laser treatment, the discomfort is minimal and rarely do patients require pain medication post-treatment. Most patients who undergo LANAP® return to their regular schedule and daily routine almost immediately.

Finally, LANAP® allows for more predictable results in regard to tissue attachment and bone regeneration. The root surface is stimulated by the laser and restores teeth that were previously determined to be hopeless. Functionality can be restored, and results show that laser treatment allows for better long-term results.

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Understanding the Risks of Pregnancy Gingivitis

Pregnant woman receiving periodontal treatmentMany women—up to 70 percent of them—experience inflammation of the gums and infection during pregnancy. Not many realize that the changes are not just hormonal, the bleeding and inflammation of the gums experienced during this time is due to a gingivitis infection. The hormonal changes from pregnancy can alter the temperature and Ph balance in the mouth, leading to an overgrowth of infectious bacteria. This is what causes the symptoms. Despite this phenomenon being incredibly common, though, many pregnant women do not seek specific dental care for gum disease  from a skilled periodontist. They should, though. Let’s talk about why.

Pregnancy Risks From Gingivitis

Recent research has begun to link premature birth and the health risks that come from it with periodontal disease and other adverse pregnancy outcomes. While this research is still in its early stages, studies both in and out of the developing world confirm that the risk of premature birth and complications is not determined by country of residence or lifestyle. There are ways to decrease this risk, though:

  • Form a relationship with a periodontist who has experience with pregnancy gingivitis
  • Get regular cleanings and check-ups, especially during pregnancy
  • Consult with your specialist whenever inflammation, bleeding gums, or other symptoms appear

Get Help With Your Gingivitis Symptoms

If you’re currently pregnant or considering becoming so, get yourself off to a healthy start by making sure your oral health is well handled. If you have managed any gingivitis symptoms you’re already experiencing, then it will be easier to spot and address new symptoms as they come up. This is a key step to ensuring you can manage any infection that appears during the pregnancy.

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